Nord America
A photo to hold dearly

In front of the headquarters of the Cultural Association of Ribera in New Jersey , this photo shows the founder members of the CSNA and supporters present with the flag of Sicily
In this photo we recognize almost all the founding members and some guests :
Right Ribaudo Paul , a friend of Ribaudo , Maryanna King , Jack Di Piazza, Augusto Sorriso, Vincenzo Arcobelli , Marco Cangialosi , Gaetano Guccione , Peter Agliata ,
Dr. Mignone , friends Menesello behind JoeRollo ,
( Friend of Rollo ) , son in law of Guccione , Tony Messina , Melo Cicala , Elio Calafiore , a friend of Cicala , Claudio Menesello .
La Nostra Storia

In 2006 came the 'idea of ​​Vincenzo Arcobelli from Texas to put together the various leaders and representatives of the Sicilian Federations and Associations  in North America to strengthen with a common line the various initiatives and activities 'in favor of the Sicilian community', increase networking with the most 'effective partnerships between the various subsidiaries, have a certain representativeness' in the action of coordination to reinforce relations and ties with the Sicilian Institutions that until that moment left much to be desired and above all have a point of reference Official abroad, abroad Base and the Sicilians to 'estero. Missione certainly not easy given the large size of the North American Continent and the variety' between the Associations. The CSNA does not intend to replace the associations and federations that have done very well over the years, but support, referancel and coordination to get a One Voice of Sicilian abroad.

From the collaboration of the Founding Members and their enthusiasm, the idea was transformed' in reality '.
January 5, 2007 the CSNA was registered in the State of Texas as not for profit corporation, with the first official meeting of April 15, 2007 with the approval of the Articles of Icorporation, the members of the executive and guides line for the first large convention held then in 'October of 2007 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, under the motto "to unify the Sicilians North America."

The CSNA is officially recognized and and 'registered with the Sicily Region-Department for Emigration.
A part, since begining, in the organization and representatives of associations, the representatives of the Italian
abroad as Comites and CGIE, school and culture, entrepreneurship and Trade that thanks to their experience
gained over the years in their own associations could contribute in advancing the ideas and initiatives of the CSNA.

By subscribing to individual associations and federations that have joined the project are the CSNA
approssimately 200 with about 15,000 members.

Committees were formed: Women, Youth, Entrepreneurs-Industrial, Researchers, Information and Communication,
Institutional Affairs, Relations with Comites and associations, Language and Culture, Artistic events,
Conference and Gala.

Later were appointed area coordinators for the United States and Canada and Mexico.

There were organized events such as  Atlantic City (27 October 2007) with cultural photo exhibition Sicilian landscapes, Boston (November 1, 2008) with cultural event, the exhibition of Papyrus, Still in 2 conferences in the industrial city of New York and Boston following up on reports of collaboration and interest from entrepreneurs Italo-Americans and others, with Sicilian institutions for investment opportunities in the field industriale.2009 idealizes and promotes the first Congress of Industrialists and entrepreneurs in the World Siciliani in Syracuse with the presence of hundred of successful fellow from 5 continents.

The conference reported to the Youth and music concerts with artistic groups from Sicily in New Jesey, Toronto in Canada and the Targa Florio in Florida.

They were taken protest actions together with other Regional Associations and representatives of the community 'Italo-American and Comites, organizing a petition to improve the television programs dell`emittente Rai International, and sending letters to Ministers Amato and Bossi of Governments previous Italian to have exaggerated in their statements denigrating the name of Sicily and Sicilians, to counter l`opinione through programs broadcast by certain channels and organizzazone of American entertainment l` antistereotipo Sicilian-Italian.

It is taken the initiative to Merge The Sicilians in the World with the twinning completed during the second convention in Boston in the presence of representatives of Fesisur of Argentina and Sicily in Europe, the Consul General in Boston d`Italia el`Assessore all` Emigration and Labour of the Sicily Region On.Incardona.

In the month of December (and as required and proposed during the convention in Boston Alderman Emigration) through a Decree Law the CSNA is part dell`Osservatorio Emigration of Sicily Region, together with the Associations Historical Sicilian.

The CSNA and 'engaged in collaborations with other organizations and groups in the activities' of the benefit that, by purchasing and sending medicines to be distributed to the needy Italians in Zimbabwe, in collaboration with representatives of CGIE South Africa, or the' sending a bus in favor of fellow countrymen affected by the flooding in the area of ​​Messina, or the earthquake struck Abruzzo countrymen sending funds for the repair of educational facilities .In the socio-cultural field with the support of Italian language and culture at the 'University' of Toronto in Canada, with the promotion of scholarships through the official agreement of collaboration between the CSNA and ERSU (Ente Regionale Univrsitari Studies), each year are made available to residents Siciliani in North America 3 awards that allow students to go to study Italian in Sicily and then back to the roots, to discover the places of origin of their ancestors. E 'was also signed an agreement for cultural initiatives with Federico Secondo.anni 2010-2011 Foundation has worked constantly to bring forth the idea of ​​doing realize two MoUs chescambi of college students, teachers and researchers, in order to encourage l`internazionalizzazione of Sicilians students and Americans of Italian origin and contextually, to inform among US academic institutions Sicilian structures.

They also developed the educational and socio-cultural exchanges between the Sicilian summer university and those of North America.

As a first step the operating agreement with the Ersu of Palermo, the call for three scholarships addressed to studentiSiciliani and lorooriundi located in North America.

In 2011 they ended with the operability 'of the Memorandum of Understanding, an agreement for the Italian language and culture between the Rice University in Houston and the University' of Palermo, with a competition on short film directed to Students of Rice.

A 'other agreement however on the Medical and Research of the University' of Palermo and the University 'of Texas at Galveston, for the exchange of medical researchers, possibility' of stages, cooperation in research studies.

After the agreements signed there have been two visits between the delegation of the University of Palermo and ERSU in Texas and dell 'Universita' American in Sicily with the science days at the historic monument Streri with the title Galveston-Palermo and Montreal - Palermo where he is preparing another memorandum of understanding for cooperation between the universities' Canadian and Sicily.

And 'the traditional annual conference which is organized under the patronage of the usual Sicily Region in North America followed by Gala where are rewarded eminent personalities' from the world of Entertainment and Sports and Social, Institutional.

The CSNA continues his work exploring the interest of other other agreements both in the United States and Canada, to advance the mission of Uniting Sicilians in North America and to express the best and at all levels from our brothers Sicilian and to bring up the name of our beautiful and Sicily.